I work alongside your senior management to plan and with your internal marketing team to implement, providing hands-on expertise and support to increase customer conversion, retention and acquisition.

It's ecommerce leadership when you need it – senior level input in small, regular doses or on a project basis.



Sound familiar...?

  • Ecommerce strategy lacks ownership or direction – what next?
  • Want to grow sales but not sure how?
  • Ecommerce sales are flat or in decline
  • One or more marketing channels are underperforming
  • Your internal team lacks senior experience/know-how
  • Your site has low Conversion Rates
  • Performance metrics/KPIs aren’t visible or understood
  • Marketing is delivering low return on investment
  • Lack of customer retention or low repeat rates


How I Help

  • Increased Sales & Profits
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Improve Customer Retention & Repeat Rates
  • Increase return on investment from marketing spend
  • Implement relevant, measurable & specific KPIs

  • Plus:

  • Processes that continually monitor performance
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Improve internal team performance
  • Knowledge and expertise transferral
  • Ownership and deeper understanding of your ecommerce channel

Already Have an Ecommerce / Digital Team?

Great! I work with and develop what you have already, not replace it. The best results are achieved when working with you and your existing team over a number of months to build and manage your ecommerce strategy, advance your team’s skills and build measurable growth.


Ecommerce & Digital Strategy

Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your current ecommerce performance before developing a strategy with you and supervising its successful implementation.


Team Leadership, Mentoring & Support

Working with individuals or teams, I help founders, senior managers or ecommerce marketing teams identify, understand and deliver against their goals.


Brand/Consumer Journey

Digital Marketing: Paid, Organic, Email, Content

Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting

Customer Conversion

Customer Retention & Advocacy

Design & Build

Test & Learn (A/B, CRO etc.)

Ecommerce Consultancy


Areas of Expertise

I only work with authentic, honest brands who place consumers at the heart of what they do. I help them build brand, profits, customer loyalty and long-term value.
— Malcolm Duffitt


Consumer & Commercial Focus

With 20 years’ experience in digital and ecommerce, I’ve held strategic and P&L responsibility for the ecommerce channel in FMCG and premium/luxury consumer brands, managing and mentoring in-house digital teams to deliver growth.

Accountable for ecommerce marketing budgets I’ve planned, measured and run acquisition and retention activity across digital (paid, organic, email, social) and analogue channels (newspaper, magazine, product dispatch, direct mail) both with in-house teams and agency support.

I’ve held day-to-day ecommerce roles, too; building, running and trading ecommerce sites via design, user journey, funnel & conversion rate optimisation, product mix, merchandising and content.

Earlier in my career, I worked agency-side for over ten years building a digital agency in Brighton in the late ‘90s and ‘00s developing ecommerce software supporting hundreds of growing online businesses.

Malcolm Duffitt Ecommerce Spcialist / Ecommerce Consultant

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